Your teem your business!

When friends keep buying from your teem mall you keep getting richer, with money ready to go to your bank.

Tip: keep entertaining your teem friends by posting great videos or photos. when they are happier they will buy bigger from your teem mall.

At a single glance you get complete info of orders plus earnings from your teem mall and withdraw-able amount to bank.

Total Orders Total Earned Earnings Encashed Encash Requested Balance Amount
{{totalOrders}} ₹{{totalEarned | number:2}} ₹{{totalEncashed | number:2}} ₹{{requestedEncashed | number:2}} ₹{{balanceEncashed | number:2}}
Encash Now
Please Note: Encashment Applicable only if Balance Amount is more than ₹500.

Order By Order Date Time Money Earned Encash Status
{{e.name}} {{e.order_date}} ₹{{e.earning | number:2}} {{e.encash_status=='NEW'?'Not encashed':''}} Encash Requested on {{e.encash_date}}{{e.encash_status=='ENCASHED'?'Encashed':''}}
OOPs!! No Earnings !
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